Gloria Muliro

About Gloria Muliro

I am a Gospel Singer located in Nairobi Kenya.God has blessed me with a glorious and groovy voice that whenever I sing I  am pleased for I am not singing for Myself but for my maker who made me His instrument of worship.I was Born 32 Years ago to David Omale and Esther Muliro in Western Kenya, Vihiga County.I am a fourth Born Child in a family of seven. Through my praise, worship and gospel songs, the lame can jump in joy, the blind see through Gods glory, the deaf hear the melodies while the poor receive the riches of our Heavenly father.I learn from life occurances,Dreams, Current events,Life large, the birds of the air, timelines as well as the inspirational from God where I deliver most of my spiritual Songs.


When I go places and meet new faces I see the Joy of the Lord working in me. To praise Him, minister His work, Establish His workshop as well as bring many to His Home.God has changed many Lives in Time memorial and has made me feel great to have a share in His Kingdom. If you believe in Him he will change your life from that moment you believe that He has power over you, Make you a new being and restore your peace of mind and Hope.


Brief Bio.

My life like any other Child was no different, with troubles and struggles here and there since I lost my mother at a very early age of nine.At that time there was scarcity of money between the minds and pockets as neither my father nor my mother were employed or had a business they run. So when my mother passed away, My dad was left the heaviest burden, to look after us with maternal care and providing for the basics. The task ahead was not easy at all. We were beyond poverty line where even ' the poor, called us poor' The talk of the days forced dad to leave us home under the care of our eldest sister Janet as he look for greener pastures to feed us and take us to school. Life was nevery easy as at times he would return home empty handed where most of the times we would sleep empty stomachs and even lack something to take  to school with for lunch.


At time it went to a point where we had to seek shelter from our relatives who were abit blessed than us before Dad returned to take us home. The greatest responsibilty of facing hardship as a girl child tormented me and the role of a mother came so early for the sake of the rest of the family. Most of the times I would cry in anger and worries of tommorrow.

Struggle Through School

My school Journey Began at Emanyinyia Primary School before joining St.Teresa's Girls Nairobi. I was initially called to attend Bunyore Girls but my family financail status was so discarraging at the moment and I would never be allowed by fate to join the school of my wish.' It was a miracle how I managed High School though I am so grateful and debted to my sisters Boss who Sponsored my studies after discovering my intelligence and skills in life.In form two I surrendered my life to God who since then has seen me through this Journey of Ups and Downs, God's grace and promises has made my faith in Him not wither but forever remain as steady as a tree planted along the river banks. The tree will always be green in all weather and nothing shall make it appear weathed.


During This Time my father continued supporting my studies with the little He got together with other family financial support.I cleared High school with a huge Fee balance that I was denied my certificate of Kenya Certficiate of Secondary Education until I clear all the balances.In this I opted to look for a casual job to help clear the blances as well as help in supporting the family with basics.

My First Job Hustle

My first job started as a house help, something I did with a joyful heart and dedication, because I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I never accepted to be comfortable with the situation at all. I could fast and pray every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, asking God to lift my standards. I also became so faithful in church tithing. With all the people looking up to my help, saving was a challenge from the Ksh. 1,300 monthly salary I was earning then.The thought of being an artist never criss-crossed my disturbed mind though inside me  I felt I would become an influential person in future.All I dreamt of was get a charity work or NGO to work with or any childrens organization where I would nature them and help them grow spiritually and intellectually. Due to bad terms of my work and conditions I opted out and left for another one which payed a little better.I was elated because of the opportunity but after one and half years, I was fired because of coming late from a youth Fellowship in a nearby church where I worshiped.


While Wondering what to do next, I met an angl sent from Heaven by God to rescue me. The pastor housed me for around three months after which I got another job, still as a house help. My new boss didn't like me at First but when she realized I was a KCSE certificate holder, she changed her attitude and my life continued to improve.She could allow me to go for fellowships and was genuinely concerned about my spiritual growth.I even joined the choir and even became one of the spiritual leaders.I thank God for I have a good memory as I can remeber all the songs and plus could learn new ones very fast.This was an advantage for me especially because I did not have much time for the choir practise because of the nature of my job.

Having grown up in a musical family where my siblings and I could sing in Sunday School,it was not very hard for me to sing in my church although I must admit this experience shaped my musical career.I gained experience and learnt a lot from the other members and especially pastor Joseph Lukale who believed in my voice and suggested that I record songs.I used to admire the late Gospel music queen Angela Chibalonza from whose music I still draw a lot of inspiration and Motivation.


During this Time , I grew spiritually and after one year of service, I was stable enough to support my self through to a Teachers Training College after which I was employed by Maranatha Academy in Kawangware as a teacher.Because of my desire to work with children, I decided to look for a job that could allow just that and I got one at a non-governmental organization called Chosen Children of promise where apart from being a ateacher, we interacted in all levels of their development. This helped me make a concious resolution to one day own a children  ministry to help the less privileged in our society.Since 2010, I resigned to concentrate on my music and since I have never looked back.

I have Recorded more than four Albums So far whic includes MWAMI ALETSA I recorded in 2005, NAKUHITAJI (2010) which includes singles like OMBI LANGU, SITOLIA, KIBALI (2011) which has songs like KANDO, YESU IROMA and others. I especially sing about real experiences and circumstances. I get most of inspiration and revelation from the word of God.It is music of hope and I try as much as possible to make it very unique and appealing to my listeners.


An artist should always strive to follow the word of God, so as to please God first, then fans. One should pray a lot if they are to remain relevant, and on the right track of preaching the right message intended by God. Of late The SITOLIA, MAPNGO WA KANDO, I WILL FOLLOW YOU, MSAIDIZI and ANAKUPENDA has been an inspiration to many.



There has been a slight  confusion over the song SITOLIA ownership, and if one does'nt understand the way things run in this industry, some issues can be blown out of proportion and at the , affect others.We have solved the misunderstanding and I hope we have learnt a lesson from the ordel. Infact we are planning to do a collabo soon.What I can say as artists we should be watchful over our utterances because it might inflict pain to the heart of others and at the end make us lose respect from the society that made us.

About Family And Marriage

Apart from being a Gospel and Dedicated Artist, I am also a Married Woman. I have been married happily for Three Years Now to Erick Omba, a pastor at Prayer Community Church in Kayole and is the senior pastor at Omba Ministries.I receieves most of my support from Him and I greatly thank the Almighty for sending Him to me.Marriage is Fun and enjoyable. God is the author of marriages, and one should pray for a compatible partner.It should help people grow spiritually and in all the other positive ways.